Cincinnati Party Buses Pricing Policies

Rest easy, as it isn't nearly as hard to afford a party bus as you would think. Our attention to our customers happiness makes for a painless rate for you. We've adapted a system of pricing that is based on many different variables, so you'll always get a great price when you call Cincinnati Party Buses. Be sure to let us know where you want to go, how many people will be attending, and when you want service. This is all we'll need to know to bring you an accurate quote for your services.

If you still think the price is too much to handle, you can certainly consider your options. Be sure to avoid our busy areas of time, as they tend to have higher prices. These include weekends, holidays, as well as early spring until late summer. Another great way to make the cost go down is by splitting the cost between everybody who is involved.

Our quote includes absolutely everything, including the tip and fuel. You'll find that many other companies tend to charge you for those things as soon as they pull up to your pick-up destination! It's safe to say you get the best of the best with Cincinnati Party Bus.

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